Face Color Finishing Touch

a makeup touch-up to complete your spa experience. $25 – 15m

Stress-Relieving Hand Ritual

Dual Sensations – touch and aroma to further comfort and release cares, a rejuvenating treatment for hard working hands. $25 – 15m

Stress-Relieving Scalp and Shoulders Ritual

enjoy a relaxing and balancing neck and shoulder massage – a calming wellness experience that releases tensions. $35 – 15m

Paraffin Hand Treatment

Hands are manicure, moisturized, massaged and dipped in paraffin for comforting warmth and hydration. $30 – 15m

Ear Piercing

Inverness™: $20 + $15 for earrings, & $4 for Inverness™ Ear Care solution

Sinus Cleansing

Inhalation massage therapy (aromatic steam) combined with pressure point and lymphatic massage to assist the body in clearing the sinuses of congestion due to allergens, toxins, and stress. $60 – 45m

Ear Coning

This ancient technique is a noninvasive way to remove wax buildup that normal cleaning cannot. This also aids in the removal of yeast, fungus, and remnants of past infections. $60 – 45m


When you just can’t decide between a Facial and a Massage…have a Fassage! Total relaxation with a gentle combination of massage and skin treatment techniques. $135 – 90m, $110 – 75m, $95 – 60m

Sensory Cleanse

Combine Sinus Cleansing and Ear Coning for a full Sensory Cleanse. Great for those wanting a complete detoxification. $105 – 75m

Botanical Hair & Scalp Treatment

A customized hair and scalp treatment combine a stress relieving scalp massage with an AVEDA hair deep conditioning or damage repair treatment of choice. $70 – 45m

Cup of AVEDA Tea

a caffeine-free herbal blend, naturally sweetened, soothing and relaxing.