Massage Spa Experience

When you need to completely relax and restore, this 90-minute treatment begins with an aromatic foot bath and ends with an extensive head, neck, and scalp massage with a 60-minute relaxing body massage in the middle. $155

Therapeutic Head, Neck & Shoulders Massage

Concentrating on the Ayurvedic energy points of the face, neck, shoulders & scalp, this treatment improves circulation while relaxing, rejuvenating & releasing tension from your mind & body. $75 – 30m, $95 – 45m, $110 – 60m

Chakra Balancing Massage

An innovative spa ritual steeped in the ancient healing art Ayurvedic tradition, this treatment merges massage with guided meditation implementing our Chakra(TM) Balancing Blend aromas to open & balance the chakras: energy centers of the body. Features deep tissue massage on the back & spinal muscles and energy work for the chakras.  $110 – 60m, $125 – 75m, $145 – 90m

AVEDA Aroma Massage

Stress, muscle tension, and lack of energy can all be addressed with a customized massage treatment. After your consultation, your massage therapist will provide you with the best combination of products, personalized AVEDA aromas, and massage therapy techniques, which can include Therapeutic/relaxation, foot reflexology, acupressure, chakra techniques, subtle energy work – the possibilities are limitless. AVEDA Shampure™, Rosemary Mint, Stress-Fix™, & Beautifying Aroma massage are a few options, + additional aromatherapies. $75 – 30m, $110 – 60m, $125 – 75m, $145 – 90m, $225 – 120m

Botanical Hair & Scalp Treatment

A customized hair and scalp treatment combine a stress relieving scalp massage with an AVEDA hair deep conditioning or damage repair treatment of choice. $70 – 45m

Deep Tissue Massage

Enable healing to take place by improving blood circulation and oxygenating aching muscles and joints. Our deep tissue massage helps to relieve pain by detoxifying and easing fluid retention. $95 – 30m, $125 – 60m, $140 – 75m, $165 – 90m,

Hot Stone Massage

Balance, soothe and invigorate your body with combined massage techniques and the sensation of smooth stone massage. Encompass the senses with sensations of warm stones while experiencing the aromatic power of an AVEDA Pure Plant essence of your choice.  $155 – 75m, $190 – 90m

Pre-Natal Massage

Special attention to the comfort and position of expecting mothers using elevation with a pillow and bolster support while relieving lower back, leg, and foot discomfort. $90 – 30m, $125 – 60m, $140 – 75m, $165 – 90m

Seated Chair Massage

Take a seat in our customized massage chair! This rejuvenating massage therapy offers relief of stressed neck, shoulders, and back in just minutes. No need to undress… we’ll have you refreshed, unstressed and on your way in minutes!  $50 – 15m, $85 – 30m, $100 – 45m

Massage for Two: Couples Massage

A relaxing massage enhanced with your favourite AVEDA aroma for two in the same room. $240 – 60m, $280 – 75m, $320 – 90m
or be immersed in our AVEDA Therapeutic Head, Neck & Shoulders Treatment for two! 45m – $210, 60m – $240


When you just can’t decide between a Facial and a Massage…have a Fassage! Total relaxation with a gentle combination of massage and skin treatment techniques. $75 – 30m, $110 – 60m, $125 – 75m, $140 – 90m, $225 – 120m

Celebration Couples Massage

Relax together while enjoying fresh fruit, mimosas/champagne, or sparkling cider, and finish your couple’s massage treatment with homemade chocolate samples. $265 – 60m, $305 – 75m, $350 VS $355 – 90m


When you just can’t decide between a Facial and a Massage…have a Fassage! Total relaxation with a gentle combination of massage and skin treatment techniques. $135 – 90m, $110 – 75m, $95 – 60m