Specialty Services







Organic Soy Hair Removal

Nufree® Hair Removal System is 100% organic
No chemicals, no sugar, no wax!
It bonds with hair only, minimizing irritation - 75% less painful!
Removes entire hair, root bulb and shaft each time – no stubble!
However, use of glycolic or acid peels: Retinal, Differen or Accutane,
or vitamin A products may result in thinning of the skin and can cause irritation or peeling of the skin. We recommend stopping use 24-48 hours prior to appointment.


Brow Design

15 minutes$20.00







Full Arms




Half Legs (Lower)

lower leg$40.00

Half Leg (Upper)

leg upper$45.00

Full Legs



toes & feet$15.00

New Bikini

bikini - new$30.00

Bikini Maintenance (Monthly)

bikini - maint.$25.00

New Brazilian


Brazilian Maintenance (Monthly)

braz maint$60.00

Demarcation Line

demarc line$15.00

Full Back



30 minutes$45.00

Ear Piercing



“The safest, most technologically advanced ear piercing system.” The system is FDA regulated, registered and compliant. The earrings are fully enclosed in capsules to safe guard against contamination prior to piercing. The posts are ultra thin for less pain and the safety clutch ™ backs allow for the safest healing and also shields the sharp pointed tip for additional comfort.

15 minutes$12.00

Cost of selected earrings

The cost of selected earrings 14K white or yellow gold, and 24K gold plate available.

Price range $12-$45$15.00


Aveda Sensory Experiences and Rituals

are an expression of Aveda’s point of difference to create a true experience for you! Rituals assist you to transiton to a more relaxed state of mind.

Cup of Aveda Comforting Tea Ritual
a caffeine-free herbal blend, naturally sweetened, soothing and relaxing.

Aveda Sensory Journey

go on a sensory adventure as we guide you through our exclusive collection of Aveda Pure-Fume™ flower and plant essences. Discover up-lifting aromas that bestow a profound sense of well-being and a deep connection to nature.

Stress-Relieving Scalp and Shoulders Ritual

enjoy a relaxing and balancing neck and shoulder massage - a calming wellness experience that releases tensions.

Stress-Relieving Hand Ritual

Dual Sensations – touch and aroma to further comfort and release cares,
a rejvenating treatment for hard working hands.

Face Color Finishing Touch

a makeup touch-up to complete your spa experience.

Pure-Fume™ Finishing Touch

an application of a Pure-Fume™ aroma completes a wonderful spa experience.

Skin Care Ritual

experience a customized skin care hand treatment as an Aveda Advisor recommends the perfect products for your skin’s health and well-beingng.